Monday, 28 Jul 03
the lazy chick's blog entry   @ 09:07 AM | file under: day in the life

Wow, so much stuff going on, but no blogging energy. Then again, my caffeine intake has been close to nil with my newest attempt to eat better.

Random Thoughts that cover the past few days (kinda like a baker's dozen, but not really):

  • there is such a thing as too much water
  • DirecTV kick's Comcast's ass
  • but it's extremely dangerous to get caught watching movies for hours
  • baby carrots are a lifesaving snack
  • do not wear new shoes when needing to be on your feet for 8+ hours
  • arcade games are good
  • vector games kick arse
  • pinball is freakin' awesome
  • chocolate-banana milkshakes are tasty
  • an old friend: poker night
  • the house smelling of onions... not necessarily a bad thing
  • crummy sleep patterns = crankiness
  • an early morning drive to the airport; a hug to last through the week
  • a crab shack, salty food, a rude waiter, and bill haggling
  • when a parking garage ticket costs close to the cost of my meal, I get wary
  • my bro's new blog launched

That's it for now. Stay tuned. *yawn*

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Friday, 25 Jul 03
audblog audio post: road rage   @ 04:09 PM | file under: audioblog

Powered by audblogaudblog audio post: There's an old lady in a sports car, and she's mad.

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The next best thing   @ 10:46 AM | file under: geeky talk

I may not be there at Gnomedex, but I've got the next best thing. Tom has pointed his iSight at the Keynote and is videoconferencing with me live via iChat AV. Technology is wonderful. :) Thank you Tom, for bringing the action to me!

I hope ya'll drink one for me! ;)

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Wednesday, 23 Jul 03
Judge for Yourself   @ 05:24 PM | file under: blogiverse

Practicing? Sparring? "Messing Around"? ;)

(click for larger)

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